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Rubber roofing is yet to hit the heights of wood shingle roofing and metal roofing in terms of popularity among home owners, but it’s about time they took notice. This article isn’t meant to persuade homeowners to buy a specific kind of roofing. Instead, it’s meant to arm them with ample facts and information so they can make an informed decision in regards to their choice of roof. Most homeowners desire affordable roofing, obviously without having to compromise on quality. Let’s get right into the thick of things.

The Pros and Cons of Rubber Roofing

Lower Costs
Also known as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or simply EPDM roof, rubber roofs come with numerous perks. The first being its price. Even though a homeowner should hire a licensed roofer to lay down this kind of roof, the cost for the complete job compares favorably to the costs of other kinds of roofing. The roofing material is not only cheaper than its alternatives, but lighter and installation is swift and easy. Also, installation costs are low and doesn’t require lots of manpower during installation as compared to other roofing materials. Rubber, once glued into place, negates the need for heat, which can negatively impact on homeowner’s insurance policy.

Long Lasting
Rubber has a long useful life. Most roofs are set as a single piece, meaning they have little to no seams depending on the precise layout of the roof. Fewer seems translates to fewer areas where water can seep beneath the roof and cause damage. Modern rubber isn’t prone UV rays. A well-installed rubber roofing can last up to 50 years and even longer. Rubber can brave strong winds and hail measuring three inches in diameter. Nearly all of rubber roofs laid in the 1970’s is in use today.

Appearance of the rubber roof is perhaps its biggest drawbacks and perhaps the only ‘real’ negative. Its black appearance isn’t exactly eye-candy. However, this is overcome by use of acrylic paint or rubber shingles.

Engaging the Right Roofer
Finding a suitable roofer can be problematic. Many roof specialists feign to be adept at installing EPDM. Hiring the wrong roofer can lead to problems in future as a result of wrong installation and may render the warranty on the rubber useless.

With each passing day, new alterations are being made in the roof industry to enable homeowners access affordable roofing for their properties.

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