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Weather can at times be iffy. Turbulent weather such as hail can mutilate shingles. Albatross Roofing has gone the extra step of explaining to homeowners how hail impacts on shingles and the issues they should keep an eye on.

Typically, manufacturer’s warranty rarely covers damage caused by hail. Nonetheless, you should assess the particulars in the guarantee for certainty.

Here are answers to the most common questions pertaining to hail damage:

Is devastation noticeable early on?
Not always. The impact from hail can result in possible damage that can lead to the premature decline of the shingles. The absence of apparent visual damage makes it nearly impossible to determine the extent of damage caused by hail.

Unseen damage caused by severe weather such as hail only becomes visible months or years later.

Can I tell if my roof was damaged?
Usually, destruction manifests as fractures or indentations on the shingles’ exterior. Hailstones differ in shape, hardness, and size and can create random patterns of depressions and dents. In the case where dents or depressions aren’t noticeable, look for indents in siding, skylight flashings, metal flashings and chimney caps. After a while, clusters of granule will come off in arbitrary patterns thereby exposing the asphalt.

Can some shingles be exchanged or should I conduct a roof replacement?
It’s feasible to replace single storm-damaged shingles; however, concealed damage to neighboring shingles as a result of a storm can be hard to assess. A complete roof replacement is at times necessary where there is the possibility of widespread storm damage for purposes of guaranteeing the long-term performance of the roof. If the devastation is limited to just one plane of the roof, a replacement of the damaged roof is possible. In the case individual shingles should be replaced, nails removed from neighboring shingles have to be replaced, and nearby shingles are best released by hand.

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