Commercial Flat Roof Repair


Flat roofs are a common site on industrial and commercial buildings; sadly, they are susceptible to many problems. This article will highlight the most important commercial flat roof repair practices to help property owners decrease their roof repair costs while also extending the useful life of their roofs. Most importantly, it makes more sense to safeguard your current roof than to spend tons of money on a roof replacement as a result of negligence.

Address Water Issues   
The phrase “flat roof” is a bit misleading, as virtually all flat roofs are slightly raised by a couple of degrees to aid with water drainage. Stagnating water is among the most common problems associated with flat roofs due to moderate slopes. Water tends to seep through the roofs and into the ceiling when left to accumulate for long periods. Therefore, to prevent the devastation that can result from the accumulation of water, it’s advisable to put temporary measures to drain water, especially after heavy downpours.

Use Roof Coating System  
Similar to other kinds of roofs, flat roofs are vulnerable to damage from the sun. Built-up roofs (BUR) and bitumen modified roofs are extremely vulnerable to sun-related destruction. The sun’s heat cooks the essential chemicals between the layers. Single-ply roofs are especially susceptible to damage caused by ultra-violet rays.

Therefore, use a top-notch roof coating system, to safeguard your roof from UV rays and sun’s heat. Also, applying high quality and reflective roof coating decreases expansion and contraction, increasing your roof’s lifespan.

Routine Maintenance
No matter your type of roof, regular maintenance is vital to keeping it in top condition and aiding in attain full life expectancy. Additionally, on top of semiannual inspections, your roof should be checked by an expert after a big storm or other occurrences that would cause damage. Prompt action should be taken to repair any damages.

Commercial flat roof repairs should be carried out by a knowledgeable and licensed contractor.

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