Commercial Roof Repairs


The inside of a business is important as this is where the work happens. However, for any business to thrive it will need a well maintained roof over its head. At some point roofs are likely to get damaged and commercial roof repairs may become necessary.

Commercial roof repairs may be required at any point. Here are a few things to keep any eye out to try and avoid early commercial roof repairs.

  • Pooling Water

Most businesses often use flat commercial roofs. This is for several different reasons including the fact that they are often durable and easy to maintain. The main thing that flat roofs are weak against is pooling water. As there is no way for any standing water to run-off the roof, the water will sit and increase the speed of deterioration. Suddenly before you know it you are looking at commercial roof repairs.

  • Damage to any perimeter flashing

Everything should fear the wrath of mother nature and commercial roofs are no exception. Perimeter flashing is often at the biggest risk of being damaged by either strong winds or stormy conditions. If the flashing gets damaged, the edges of the roof cover can become exposed, something you want to avoid. Perimeter flashing will wear down over time and any property managers should pay close attention to the perimeter flashing to make sure it is still fit for purpose.

  • Damage to the roofing membrane

Over time roofing membrane can breakdown like the skin on your face. If the roofing membrane starts to blister, split, crack, shrink or puncture, your insulation could be at risk. If the membrane is damaged it will no longer to be able to fulfil its primary function, to stop water from reaching your building. If you can catch any damage to the roof membrane you may save yourself a full-scale replacement and limit it to commercial roof repairs.

If for whatever reason you notice water damage within your commercial property it is very likely that this damage is as a result of potential damage to your commercial roof. If you keep an eye out for the three things mentioned above, you may be able to catch any issues before they become to out of control.

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