Commercial Roof Replacement Edmonton


How much it will cost is always an important question in deciding on the course to take when it is clear that a commercial roof replacement Edmonton is required. When you have an idea of how much it should cost, you can avoid being overcharged for the service. It can also help you avoid scammers who apply the trick of undercharging in order to attract you, and finally offer poor quality service. Although the exact cost will vary from one roofing company to the other, you should understand the cost factors involved in any quote so you can decide on how to reduce the costs (if that is possible), or how to increase your budget or revise it accordingly.

The factors that determine the cost:

The following are the factors which determine how the commercial roof replacement Edmonton will cost.

  • The type of roof.
  • Access to the roof.
  • Underneath materials.
  • The need of fastenings and wind loads.
  • The building and code requirements.

The type of roof:

The categories of commercial roofs include sloped and flat. The flat is also known as low-slope. The type of roof determines the ideal roofing material to be used. For the flat roof, the ideal material may be Built-up Bituminous Roofing (BUR) or the single-ply roof. For the sloped roof, shingles, metal roofing and clay roofing can be used.

Access to the roof:

The ease of difficult in accessing the roof will have an impact on how much it will cost to replace the roof as the material and type. The ease of access itself depends on the height and degree of slope. The higher the height, the difficult in accessing the roof, and the more you will be charged. The sloppy the roof, the more difficult and risky accessing the roof, and the more likely the roofers will charge you more for the service.

What’s under the roof:

Under every roof there may be cover board, insulation, other substrate materials or the roof structure, which comprises of wood or metal deck or concrete. The state in which these materials are will determine how much replacing the roof will cost. If they are in good condition or in slight need of repair, the cost will not be high. However, if they are damaged and in need of repair or replacement, they will increase the overall cost of replacement.

The need of fastenings or wind loads:

This depends on the location of your home or house. In some areas such as Florida where strong winds and hurricanes can occur, local building codes require the use of fastenings and wind loads to secure the roof in place.

Building codes:

The local building codes will determine what must be installed in the roofing such as for example the degree of slope, insulation, substrate and ventilation, among others.

Note that this lit is not exhaustive and many other factors can affect the overall cost of replacing the roof.

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