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There is a lot to consider when purchasing or selling a building. Among them is the condition of its roofing system. Along with the rest of the building, the roofing system is an asset. Therefore, you need to have a roof assessment conducted by a reputable and knowledgeable commercial roofer who knows what to check. The roof appraisal you receive should answer the following 3 questions – your roof inspection professional should agree to appear during negotiations between buyers and sellers to present opinions, facts, and findings if needed.

Can the Roof’s Drainage Be Deemed Sufficient for Expected Conditions?
Let’s assume that you reside in an area that receives about 48 inches of rainfall annually, which is a lot of rain. Your inspector should use this as the standard to rule on how adequately the roof’s drainage system could perform.
In areas receiving high rainfall, it’s always an excellent concept for buildings to have a stand-in roof drainage system lest the primary system gets overwhelmed. Indeed, existing building codes demand it; however, most of the older buildings don’t.

What does the Current Roof’s Condition Tell about Its Maintenance History?
A roofing system needs proper and routine upkeep to remain in top shape. Clues of irregular or improper maintenance vary depending on the type of roof system; however, a seasoned commercial roofer will detect if a roof has been taken care of accordingly or not.
Well cared for roof last longer than those that have been poorly maintained. A well-kept roof gives insight into the condition of the rest of the building, be it you are a buyer or seller. Where poor maintenance has precipitated to the extent of requiring a roof replacement or major overhaul, it may warrant a reduced selling price.

Has the Roof Undergone Servicing?
It’s not necessary that a repaired roof is bad. It could perhaps show the building proprietor has been mindful of maintaining the roof in top condition. Though, when the same kind of repair has been repeated severally, it may be an indication the roofing system was set up improperly. Additionally, frequent repairs translate into structural problems within the building, which will lower the bargaining power of the seller should he decide to cash-in.

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