Commercial Roofers


Commercial roofers are assumed to be costly but this is not very true as some are very affordable. In any case, the quotation or estimate is provided depending on the nature of work to be performed. Complex roofing work will cost more, while simple work is likely to cost less. Most of the homeowners tend to focus more on the total price, but do not give much thought in to the details and factors that go in to that figure.

The starting point is that you should deal with licensed contractor, with the right insurance and good reputation in service delivery. These considerations are important as you want to deal with expert roofer who will do quality work and give you value for money. Even if you chose the best roofing material but it is not installed properly, it will not serve well.

The need of balancing quality and price:

You may be tempted to go for the cheap options when you need roofing services. A cheap roofing contractor in addition to doing shoddy work may not offer warranty for the job. This means any need of repairs thereafter will have to be borne by you. On the other hand, professional installers have insurance for the work they do and will offer warranty of the work they do.

The professional commercial roofers may not be the cheapest but their work will give you value for money. However, this does not mean you should hire the most expensive company. The most important thing is to know what exactly goes in to every roofing estimate. This way, you can break down the quotes and choose one which suits your needs and budget.

Factors that determine the cost of roofing.

  • The size of the roof: this means the larger the roof, the higher it will cost to have it roofed, repaired or replaced.
  • The slope: it is riskier to work on very steep roof. A very step roofing will thus mean higher costs of roofing.
  • Complexity of the job: a complex job means higher costs as it means application of more skills and expertise.
  • The layers in existence: more layers will definitely attract higher charges to have the roofing worked on.
  • Whether new roofing material will be used: if there is need of use of new roofing material, then it must be procured or purchased and that means higher costs.
  • Accessories and underlayment: these will increase the cost of working on the roof as they have to be removed and properly installed in place to avoid leaks and other roofing problems in the future.
  • Wastage of materials: some roofing styles mean the standard materials have to be trimmed or jointed, and some will be wasted. You will be charged for all these wasted material if the roofing work requires such cuttings and joints.
  • Need of installation of ventilation: most building codes put regulations on the attic ventilation that must be in every building. In compliance with the required ventilation, the roofers may charge more for the service.
  • Costs of disposing trash: when the roof at your home has to be removed and the parts disposed, you have to bear the cost if transporting them to the approved disposal centers or locations.
  • Costs of labor: the roofing companies employ roofing experts and they must pay them for their labour. The costs of their labour will be recouped in the quotation for the services they provide.
  • Overhead costs:  these include costs such as the cost of doing the bushiness, maintaining their fleet of trucks, advertising and insurance.

The extent to which each of the above factors is present in your roofing work, determines how much you will be charged for the service.

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