Choosing a contractor for your commercial roofing in Edmonton

If a time comes when the need to select a contractor for commercial roofing in Edmonton arises, there are certain criteria which can be used in assessing the contractors before picking the perfect on for the job;

  • Is the contractor more skilled in roofing residential buildings or commercial buildings?
  • Do you need a repair, removing/replacing a part or the entire roof, roof maintenance or a new roof construction?

​These can help in identifying the contractor who is most suited to perform the needed task.
When a homeowner needs the services of a contractor, adopting any of the following methods can help in selecting the right one:

  1. Warranty: If you are hiring the services of a building contractor, it is always a more thoughtful approach to choosing a contractor who gives a manufacturer warranty that covers the workmanship costs of the contractor. In a situation where roofs are not properly installed by the contractor, leakages or damages may not appear until later in future, and any request for payment by from an insurance company will be declined. Insurance offered by a contractor usually have a handle on these situations if they come up.
  2. Settling deductibles. An offer which does not include any amount for the insurance deductible is an insurance fraud by the contractor which places you at risk. You are liable for the insurance deductible, and it must be shown separately without including any part in the project estimate.
  3. Get the opinions of neighbours: a contractor who is well respected in a neighbourhood is usually a good option when hiring.
  4. Making use of ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB): checking out the profile of a contractor as it appears on the BBB site usually pays off. Asides being meticulous on the ratings of contractors, make sure to steer clear of contractors who do not appear on the site.

Choosing a contractor for commercial roofing in Edmonton is a more complex procedure and business owners need to take extra care when selecting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a modified bitumen roofing, built-up roofing, single ply membrane, sheet metal fabrication and installation, taking the following considerations into account will likely lead to the right choice:

  • Consider how long the company has been in operation and the experience of the company. Hiring a company with vast experience is always the logical choice as this is a pointer to a company that is well versed in how to perform their job.
  • Things should be done in a formal manner. A contractor for commercial roofing in Edmonton can be accepted to be a respected one if he is ready to present a written contract or agreement with details of what the project is to entail and have you sign it after reading through. This is also important as you are sure of the outcome and what to request if things are not done properly.
  • The cheapest isn’t always the best. Although it is very important to check the price specifications for a roofing company, it is not advisable to pick a company once they offer the lowest price without first doing a proper in-depth study. Use of inferior components may be the reason for a company’s seemingly low price. As a way to avoid this, request the company to give you a detailed quotation showing how the price was gotten.
  • What are the impressions of other customers on the company? Asking the locals for opinions is a good decision as it is with homeowners. Hearing about a company from others is always better especially if they have hired the services of such company at a point in the past. You should calmly collect and study the views of others who have come in contact with a company in the past.

The above considerations can be of immense help to homeowners in deciding on the best contractor for commercial roofing in Edmonton to meet their repair requirements.