Warning signs that you are in need of Edmonton flat roofing replacement company 


Although flat roofs have some advantages when compared to sloped roofs, they are quite susceptible to leaks in ways that are not found in sloped roofs.

One of the major weaknesses of the flat roofs is the risk of developing pooling. Pooling may be referred to as a condition in which water stays on a flat roof for about 48 hours or more, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of the roof–or, may even get worse, such that it may compromise the structural integrity of the building.

Below are few signs that indicate you are in need of an Edmonton flat roofing replacement company.

Too much pooling of water;
The most terrifying challenge with flat roofs is nothing but pooling. If your roof usually has pools of water, please consider replacing it. There are few products in the market, like Roof Slope, that may be used to position a pitch to your roof; this could serve as an alternative for evacuating roof ponding as well as an option base on how much your roof damage is.

Big rips and tears on the material with/or seams;
Flat roofs may finally develop tears as well as holes in the roofing material. Particularly, this problem is likely to come up via the seams in the roofing, the point where two material pieces were joined. If the damage is little, a repair may be better; but, if the damage is massive, then you may require Edmonton flat roofing replacement, as it may mean that other areas of the roof are most likely close to failure.

Roofing products that rarely show damage;
It is easy to locate the holes in some roofing material types like membranes produced from diverse materials. Other roofing material types–like a tar as well as gravel roof–are more difficult, and even a skilled contractor may have just 50% success rate in locating and repairing holes. If your roof is made up of troublesome components that do not make contractors locate leaks easily, you should consider replacing it.

How do you get to the conclusion? At a point of the dilemma of if to replace your flat roof, it can be a tough one trying to figure out the best plan of action. For a short-term, it is most likely going to be lesser to repair the roof; but, if your roof is really bad, your repair exercise simply becomes a continuous exercise in futility, and you may spend more on repairs compared to entire roof replacement.

The rule of thumb is: if the material component of your Edmonton roof has reached the end of its lifespan, waste no time in repairing it, simply carry out an  Edmonton flat roofing replacement , because other problems will develop within a very short time. In addition, if the repair cost will exceed 20% of the new roof cost, with the age of the roof already more than half of the lifespan of the component material, you should just replace it, the possibility of needing to pay for extra repairs sometimes later is high enough to warrant the extra new one at the moment.

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