Edmonton Roofing Companies Reviews


It is advised that you need to read reviews before you choose any particular service provider. However, there are many sources of Edmonton roofing companies reviews and not all of them are 100% reliable. You need to ensure that you get only those reviews that will help you make the best choice.

Here below is what you need to know when looking for reviews in the roofing industry in Edmonton.

1.  Independent reviews are the best:

There are many reviews online but you need to get the independent reviews. Independent refers to the reviews from a source that is not in any way affiliated to the roofing company. This does not mean the reviews in the roofing company are worthless. However, it is also in public knowledge that most of the information in any website is for purpose of marketing, and thus a roofing company will pick the best reviews and post them on its website. You will rely find negative reviews on a roofing company’s website. Thus, you may read the reviews in roofing company websites, but ensure you also get independent reviews from other sources.

2.  Few complaints do not mean the roofing company is unreliable.

Some consumers believe that if there is single complaint or bad review about any service provider, they should not hire it. However, this is wrong. You need to evaluate each situation independently. What is the source and nature of the complaint? Some consumers for example may buy low quality shingles, and they expect them to last as long as cedar shingles. However, you should avoid dealing with company that has too many complaints and negative reviews filed against it.

3.  Consider the overall rating:

The leading Edmonton roofing companies reviews will provide an overall summary of the rating of the company based on a compilation of all the reviews received from consumers. Note that any negative review affects the rating, but if there are few complaints or negative reviews from a pool of say, 1000 reviews, their net effect will be negligible. As it is not humanely possible to read through thousands of reviews, you should read them randomly.

4.  Deal with locals:

Online you can get reviews from virtually all the roof repair companies in the Americas. However, your interest is the roofing companies in your area. You may narrow down the search or filter it in order to ensure you get reviews from roofers located within some certain area or locality.

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