Professional Roofers

There is a difference between roofers and professional roofers. Any person who knows how to roof, whether trained or not, licensed or unlicensed, can be termed as a roofer. On the other hand, a professional roofer is an expert who is trained on many aspects of roofing, and who has the requisite, knowledge, education, experience and certification to do the job. Finding the right to do roofing work at your home can be a bit challenging, especially in view of the fact that there are many companies that offer the service. However, you can easily choose the best roofer if you consider the following irreducible minimums.

Insurance is key:

Ensure that the roofing contractor has the requisite liability insurance and workmen’s compensation cover. Ensure you physically ask for, and see the certificates. You need to go a step further and make a call to the insurance company just to confirm that they are truly valid. Insurance is important as it helps level the playing field, and gives you the much needed peace of mind, as you know that services being provided and cost of the roof are adequately protected with the much needed coverage security.

Avoid scammers and ambulance chasers:

Avoid the roofers who move from neighborhood or neighborhood, or from one home to other, seeking services. They will tell you that they have just completed roofing work in the neighborhood and can also work on yours as well. Avoid these ambulance chasers as most of them do not have an office and may not even have experienced and qualified roofers. The best way of getting professional roofers is asking for referrals and recommendations from friends.

Reduce agreement in to writing:

Avoid oral agreements and promises. Professional roofers will ensure you sign contract specifying the duties, rights and obligations of each party. It is recommended that you should not release funds to the roofer until the work is complete, although some may require some down payment, and will issue an official acknowledgement of receipt of funds and an official receipt as well.

Communication and presence:

A professional roofer is always clear in its engagement. It will most likely have a website, office location, communication lines, and will promptly return calls and reply to SMSs. If you are dealing with the roofer for the first time, do some basic research to know more about, and also to establish whether there are complaints filed against it.

Deal with local contractor:

Dealing with local roofing contractor is advantageous in many ways. Different areas have different roofing requirements. For instance, if you reside in the southern coast of Florida where hurricanes, strong winds and other adverse weather conditions may occur, then you need to have the roofing installed by a local expert who understands that, and knows how best to install the roof to ensure it can withstand those conditions and assure you and your family of safety.

Lowest price is not always the best deal:

It is always tempting to go for the cheapest deal, thinking that you wills save some few bucks in doing so, but you may end up spending more you make the wrong choice of roofing contractor. The cheap bids tend to drive down market, as the roofing contractors with the requisite insurance tend to price their services to ensure that the services they offer cover those costs.

Professional roofers will issue warranty and guarantee, meaning you will not incur further costs should issues arise within the period covered by the warranty or guarantee. The cheap roofing service in most case do not issue such guarantee, and this means you will incur further costs should need of repairs arise soon after the roofing.

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